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Wednesday, April 22, 2009

This is probably my last guyana blog. I feel I hit the nail on the head for the reasons I came here and far more. I have as strong a network of friends and people as I have managed to build in Galveston in 15 years . I know I am coming back to the states a stronger solider person . I have seen humanity in a form that I was not sure still or ever existed . I am sure now comfort easily leads to gout of the soul. Neurotic was my favorite word before I came here. It seems so distant as I pack yet jets remove distance . I can deal with this. I have direction more than ever in my life. This is not all about me . I took the time to photograph and blog to try to share this experience because I firmly believe we are all in this together. One side does not have more to offer but one side can dramatically alter the fate of the other . They say a butterflies wings fluttering a few miles from me right now can change the weather dramatically at the very place you are sitting thousands of miles from me . Believe in that .BLESSUANDNJOYMMFGUYANA thelandwherecloudsareborn
p.s. I am still not totally sure how and why but I have traveled 3rd world alone and in new territory for 23 days. I have been pickpocket at least two times . I have been verbally attacked in fairly proper ways a couple time. Not once , never have I got upset , frustrated . Never not once have I not shown the deepest humanity I could muster from within myself in every person I could touch . Even the guyanse people have noticed it and admire it in me. My night doorman stated you have looked very tired as you have came and gone morning and evenings yet you have always consistently carried a warm smile. I have never seen this before from foreigners. Pat myself on the back. p.s. I have been busy tying up loose ends before I left and it is not very exciting . I have written some things down as I had time . I am going to post the lot of it .

The coast of Guyana is made up of blacks Slaves and indentured East Indians . The interior is amerindians who are indigenous and poorest of all . The east Indian culture is more capitalistic driven and have a high percentage of the wealth . This causes a friction . Most of the politics are divided between black parties and east Indian . This causes more friction . Inflation in Guyana has made life more difficult. A school teacher and policeman type income is equal to the cost of renting a home. I rent in the usa and your rent should never be more than 25% of your income. I feel certain the country has potential great wealth . Everything cost more here than the states and people have little money . Bananas even cost more here. Its crazy . I saw a similar direction in Haiti. People who could not afford food still did not try to grow a garden yet they were willing to work hard . I have not witnessed verbal or physical dissent between the blacks and east Indians. They both have “ scruples, are proper and seem to coexist . However strong the clash between the blacks and east Indians are here , in Georgetown it is obvious the 2 cultures have mingled and dittiled a bit. The product is very likely the most beautiful women (and men ) on earth . Think about it . The profile of a hindu is a long thin face with long thin nose and big eyes. Add the toned muscular, full boned features of a black woman and you get an AMAZON woman . I think as a child there was wonder woman and Amazon woman .. Well I can tell you Amazon woman got more jaw drops. Even with the culture clash I feel both sides agree with this.. Guyana has a reputation of corrupt government . I would not be surprised at all to find that every movement of the government as a bit of padding in it . It is how things work here. I doubt if it is worse than the federal government in the states with all their lobbying and favoritism . I feel the real problem in Guyana is the inability to efficiently combine the whole system together to make it work . An example is china. Cheap labor is not the only reason industry is in china(viva la Nixon) .The ability to get raw material in and product out is more important than just labor. Remember a tomato and chicken grown in Guyana cost more in Guyana than a tomato and chicken grown in the states cost in the states. That implies much padding and inefficiency . Add to this the biggest industry other than sugarcane in Guyana was the bauxite plant and the union there was incredible strong in its hay day . These Guyanese people actually threw their masters out of the country not many years ago .The slave owners are gone . In the process the whole system broke down . Today they question if they did not go to far , yet I feel the people of this country can unite in a way which people in the states can not do . I would not be surprised if world wide industry does not view Guyana as a country in which enslavement will never happen again and weighs it as they capitalize on poor countries. There is a love for the states which is beyond belief. I am sure all poor countries want to come to the states because of the lollipop rags to riches theory , yet it is more . I am here during the Somalia pirate clash . They refer to it like father has arrived and the bad guys will be gone. I have seen more tv states news here than in the states. It is everywhere you go and no closed captions blasting wide open . Obama came to nearby Trinidad last week. The average chest girth in Guyana bulged several inches during his visit. Rumors flew that he had visited Guyana. Maybe dreams flew. Did Obama really make the statement “ who’s that guy they call Calvin”?

Monday, April 20, 2009

Lady in yard working and flowers fallen from a blooming cashew tree . ( not cashew nut variety ) .
Lady in cantina in Linden .
Eugene interviewing Union Steward of bauxite Plant in Linden .
Down a rugged , deep old alley a brother and sister are headed to buy something . Brother holds her hand and she hold the money .
I went 65 miles with Eugene to Linden, a bauxite town of 25,000. It was a beautiful bus ride from hell. It was so crowed that I was half way there before my butt touched the seat. Linden is bauxite mining. Although 80% of the workers have been laid off in the last 20 years the horn still blows across the city at 5;30 a.m. every morning to tell the last 500 employees to get out of bed and get ready for work . We interviewed the union steward for channel 2 news. Eugene passed me off as a states reporter. I played the part with zeal. Eugene was born and raised here and had not been back in many years. Everywhere we went it was people excited to see him . I mean records were broke. Remember these are friendly people. That evening we boarded the bus early to get window seats. A small wiry statured native Indian got on the bus with us and we talked about the slavery period in Guyana. He never said a word other than to answer our questions. When he spoke you clearly saw the pride he had in himself and the friendliness . He told us he now lived in Georgetown with wife and 3 children . He was working cutting forest in the interior. I think it was the macari tribe. The british tried to enslave the ameroindians and could not do it so they used them for guides. I talked with him about his family and kidded Eugene that Eugene was so big and the Indian was so small yet the british could not conquer this small man . The Indian glowed. Imagine the most peaceful warrior. I gave him a big fat sweet apple and he did not eat it which means he is taking it home to his family . I quietly sat by him till he got off the bus . When he left he gave Eugene and I the biggest handshake and smile I have seen in Guyana. We had recognized what made him a man and he was so proud. Eugene said years ago he wrote a column for the Indians. The problem they had was how they were treated by their invaders. The indigenous people took care of each other . If a Indian went to town and got drunk he got his boots stole and left on the street . The Indians had no concept of this . They took care of each other and everyone who came into their village… I have trouble imagining a Indian tribe so socially correct and still cannot be enslaved by the British empire. Euegene tells me of a town on the north west coast of 5000 that is almost as accepting as the marcari. A town so accepting and content that it is like a soft flute being played. Something I cannot stress enough is we are talking almost abject poverty. Was it ponce de Leon who searched for the fountain of Youth . I feel like I see gold everywhere and am being told by the locals I cannot image the mountain of it over the hill. Yet they have no concept of it . They are fascinated by paper money .

I have a saying if you sit in a chair fate will come to you . If you get up and run it will toss you in the air. It is so hard to allow fate to guide you . We fight fate and thus never get it positive benefits. Living fate is realizing there is no bad. Living fate is taking what looks like bad and making it wonderful. Every moment of our lives we have this choice. If there is any bad in this world it is our own paths of being fearful of fate and not having the courage to make it wonderful. Of course I was afraid to come to Guyana by myself.. I have struggled hard for weeks to follow fate wisely and with some safety. I give you my word these are possibly the best human on earth hidden in 3rd world apparel. I am close to leaving this country with a reputation of being as human as they are. Obama would make me ambassador in a heartbeat . There is a catch , I cannot leave. Sure I am going to Galveston . Yet will only count the hours to get back . I shaken hands to start a business in ‘gayana. It will be the most rewarding wonderful business opportunity I have ever imagined and I have a awesome imagination .. Stay tuned.

Riddles. The answers are always so easy , yet elusive. How do you get to heaven ? You must be humble. You must be willing to walk a long accepting and understanding path . You must be color blind. You must be able to see through poverty . You must be willing to face trails and tribulations. I have a friend who is a birder. A few years ago he contemplated being a south american bird guide. I now need a south american bird guide. What perks can I offer to get him here. I can tell him of area where there is the most diversity of magnificent birds per acre in the world. He already knows that . I can offer him a living doing him something he loves in the interior of a jungle. He would consider that . What if I assured him that his office and field was in the garden of eden . Villages where my casa su casa is of the purest humblest meaning on earth. Where every adult absolutely glows and I mean glows when they speak of their children . People who are more proud of their bow or their truck patch of vegetables that you cannot top their story no matter how big your gun or farm . A society who could grasp the understanding of how the first cell phone they see works easier than understanding the concept and need for our prison systems`. A place where the dictionary has only a smile and contentment for the word expression . As I searched for these areas I was told of festivals where towns took turns inviting neighbor towns to their villages to treat them to everything in the village , yes including sex, and the next year it was the other villages turn to host. A place where wars were fought by bumping into each other without weapons. So my friend would you consider birding in Eden?
blessed mmfg

Friday, April 17, 2009

It has been rainy here and I have been doing photographs for a couple business to help them out .Exciting. I am going to Linden with Eugene Saturday .. We are going to talk about doing documentaries. He is the Guyana tv news reporter and very capable.. Wish us luck ..

Yesterday evening I was watching the children play cricket in the street. An old man very slowly walking down the street passed by me . I thought maybe he was a beggar. As he got close he looked up and said in English Caribbean accent , do I know you ? I looked at him and said no , I do not think I know you . He repeated again, glad to know you ., smiled and hobbled on .
One of my goals here was to research my book. I wanted to know if people dreamed differently . I still feel sure if I went into the country in Guyana where life was very simple and controls were minimal I would probably find they do not have dreams of being lost , fearful or threatened to the degree we in the usa have them . I am staying in the center of the city instead. Here the Guyanese have every problem we have and desperate poverty on top of it . They are happier and far more polite and considerate.
A new friend told me something last night . He said he had tried drugs but would never do cocaine because what it did to you in the long run would have shamed his mother. It is almost impossible for a man to make a living here . There is an unbelievable amount of single mothers . It is obvious the family unit is the alpha, a bond which give strength.
There are fewer controls here. There are few police, a person probably has fewer bills and few if any have debt. In the usa we schedule our day by the minute and here is give or take .. Ask when a restaurant will open and it is always somewhere between a half hour or hour of a given time.
I feel people here live more in the moment. They do not have a lot so planning is not as necessary . When I visit in the states a very high percentage of the conversation is what we are going to do , what we are going to fix and what we need to do to have more control in the future. That is a small percentage of the conversation here .
I feel the biggest thing is they still have the social creature in them . They know their neighbors and everyone knows everyone in some way . When I lived on the white side of Galveston there was a drive to clean up the town by fining and arresting the people who broke the law. Most of them who were incarcerated were in the ghetto so in the controlling side of town it felt like the process of law had meaning and direction . When I moved to the ghetto I realized there was a different flow. Everyone had family and friends in prison . It broke the bond and completeness of the whole.. They did not want their kids on drugs and in crime at all. They are good people…
Here people warn me constantly to be careful.. They care.. The bum can sleep in front of a store and possibly even get food from the owner when he wakes.
The social creature in them drives them to accept rather than to control.
I feel I can say family structure, less control, living in the moment and acceptance is visible here and I suspect it is why they are still happier under harder conditions .
In the States the book I have written on life is getting rather cold response. To realize we are not the happiest , godliest , most universally center people on earth is beyond our comprehension . When the old man walked by me on the street and said “ good to know you “ I was not totally surprised. It is Guyana . I am almost surprised it is not a line in the bible that is printed in red. It should be.
I love that greeting . . Alpha is very important in each person .. To scream “ do this “ is very brain alpha . To greet a total stranger passing with “ good to know you “ Is alpha of the soul.

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

In the photos are of a family resting on a sidewalk, a squatters hut on the seawall and the should be world famous childrens art painted on the seawall.
the Caribbean it is customary to fly kite for Easter. I was told not to miss the kite flying on Georgetown’s roughly five mile long seawall.
I went down early in the day to photograph a mile stretch of seawall the children had painted. I feel all children are wonderful artist till we teach them to drawn in the box . It was too hot so I left deciding to come back in the evening . At 5 pm I took a cab to seawall. The sky was full of kites. If Galveston’s mardi gras gets 100,000 people then there were two to ten times that amount packed on the seawall. There were no parades , no restrooms and very few police which were mostly women. families for the most part could not even afford to buy cokes and candy . The families all sat on the seawall with just a few inches apart defining their families . I had not mentioned this but I broke both of my cameras. At first I felt naked and alone. They were my partners in this trip. Then I realized fate wanted me to take a new step. As I started down the seawall I stopped at every kite which was every family and greeted them and admired their kite. The family unit , the friendliness and the love broke me down .. I was overwhelmed. I ended up spending 4 hours trying to meet every kite flyer on the seawall and compliment them on their kite.
To walk down the Galveston seawall and admire the children’s art painted on its concrete wall while enjoying 50,000 families harmoniously flying kites seems feasible.. It is not . It is not who were are. We are indulge and purging mardi gras’ers. Goodness!!! We really tell ourselves we are not , yet what is the reflection we make.
What is stranger is half of Guyana lives out of the country .. It is a country of women , children and some grandparents. A school teacher , policeman , hotel guard makes less than $50,000 Guyanese dollars a month . Most far less. That is $250 dollars a month and living in a city . .The guard at my fairly nice hotel makes $150 a month working 7/12’s. I do not recall anything here cheaper than in the states except labor. One out of every 100 kites were factory made. Thousand and thousands of homemade kites and many many times that people enjoying what little they have . I spoke with a man from Barbados who was enjoying his first trip to Guyana. He also had a business in New York. He was amazed as I was at the dynamics of these people. He wondered if before Barbados became tourist if it was the same. The people who live here are modern city people. They have the same dream we have. When they talk of the usa it is like candy canes dancing in their heads. What is the dynamics of the human race that we give up our souls for prosperity .
Why do the have’s, have not and the have not’s have? I have been working on this thought for 15 years and I know only one thing. We do not want to know.
Today I am going to go to all the pharmacies and ask for some depression medicine .. I am not depressed . I just want to hear the pharmacist say we do not carry it , there is no demand .

Sunday, April 12, 2009


Photos: st george cathedral . Tallest wooden structure. blow up photo and find man . Steel drums. Friends I ran into at the peace fest.

What do usa’ers feel when they walk down a street and see people sleeping in the dirt with sores on their arms , legs and no shoes . Yesterday I saw a rasta , fairly clean looking kneeling in burnt garbage eating rice he had found .. Disgusted? I do not know . I feel uncomfortable. Last night I stayed in the shit hole hotel. I used the excuse that at 11 p.m.they permanently locked their gates for the night and I had 2 parties to go to which lasted all night . I did not want to be locked out on the street till morning so I checked into a fairly nice hotel and even got the apartment room .. It’s been since Haiti that I laughed in the shower. The miracle of hot water coming out of the wall is an incredible feeling after stepping into the real world even for a night. 90% of the world has never seen a shower. It made me feel sadder for the street people. I have lots of reasons for being here but inside I know fate brought me here and until I open something within me I will not be sure why I am here. So relax, turn off and float downstream . That you might hear the meaning of within.
Photographed a businessman for the unions nightclub. Its been years since I was around union organizers. He ask me to shoot the club and then just listened till I did what he wanted. Very few words. I told him that doing bar shots was not what I do and his drinks were too expensive thinking he would give me a tab, he just looked at me a little more sternly , so I said excuse me your drinks are very reasonable…….. He had a steel drum band. Got to tell you how they work. The steel head of the drum is deeply concave and they have put about 10 dents in the top. Each dent is outlined with a deeper dent or weld or even holes drilled. When ever the soft head of the drum stick hit’s a dent a smooth rich sound emerges. Each dents a different tone. The band sounds like it has an organ, xylophone and more.. Very rich soft sound.. It was truly amazing sound . Larry , my cabbie says there are players who can make them talk . He also told me steel drrums were east Indian.
Went back to the peace festival late last night . Stomach is turning , so I came home early . The same cop recognized me and again insisted if I needed any help getting a cab or anything to let them know. There are almost no police here. They have to work together and they do . So much politeness and kindness. They glow when I tell them they are richer than the usa. One of the bands at the peace festival open up with gargantuan words, “ there is a black man in the white house”. Even here the blacks are belwo in the indentured servant called east Indians. I swelled at bit when he said that .been a real long time since I was proud of my country .

Friday, April 10, 2009

Going Guyanese!
You have no idea of what that means and I am not sure I do . I am in a shithole hotel and got a gut feeling I will love it .. No hot water , no toliet seat , you do not want to know …… Went down to a plaza this afternoon and bought a very stout walking stick (club) from my friend the wood carver . He told me of a restaurant down the road and I walked towards it .. Over a brick wall I could hear a juke box. At the fence I peered in and there was a bunch of people at tables. They smiled and invited me in . It was the clerical and commercial workers union hall. Sorry , I do not do main stream well. I bought the table a round and they all sang and had a pretty good time . They introduced me to everyone and some of them already knew me .. 1,000,000 people . I cannot tell you how much they took care of me . I walked away from my camera bag with the union business agent and did not realize it was raining . They took all my equipment inside for me . I am convinced Guyanese are the nicest people I have ever met. Everyone loved my photos and even a photographer who was at the peace festival remembered me and invited me to meet another journalist who did inland tours. The business agent wants me to shoot his kaorkee bar..!!!!. However I am back at the motel and I am not sure I got the guts to go back downstairs and bond.. It 9:30 p.m easter is starting up and they are partying .
Well, at least I have the guts to go downstairs. There is a huge truck outside the motel. It gold miners! They are pumped! They said they have a stake far away in the jungle . They made a lot of money . and are headed back. They ask me if I wanted to go , ,,,, ,
Bed sucked. Blockaded the door with both beds in a line . No one could visit me last night . Took photos of the cabbys outside . They roared with laughter .. They will take care of me .
photos are , gold miners truck, cab driver who has 16 children, union hall dance..

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

the jump

I enjoy going to the open markets and wanted to be able to tell others the open markets were safe. Obviously since I was pick pocketed they are not. I made a plan . As I left my hotel I took the street they told me not to go down .. Lots of people walking and it did not look rough at all. After several blocks I came to a gas station . I was quite surprised. It had a cage built around it and to get gas they stuck the hose through the bars. Quite impressive and spoke volumes. I decided to get on a safer street. At the market I went to the vendors who saw me get pick pocketed. I gave them my card and a phone number to reach me . I ask them to give it to the pickpocketer and I wanted to buy his supper .
M cold has slowed me down a lot . Went to the plaza by the Historic Carnegie Library and took photos of the wood carvers.. Enjoyed the woodcarver I am posting and made him an offer of a beer anytime.
The hotel desk called me and told the they were booked Sunday and Monday and I had to find another hotel..HMM, Fate.. Larry cab 20 is my life line. It has been a challenge being new here and rainy and using extra caution being out at night .. Called him and told him fate said I need a new place to stay , Guyana style.. So tomorrow I check into a hotel with bad shower , and lumpy bed but real Guyana style atmosphere. I really wanted to do this anyway , just took a little fate.


Enclosing photo of larry cab 20 phone number 6986363. I am trusting him a lot and if he comes through I will give him the highest referral. If I do not post anymore blogs I would not recommend this cab.

Monday, April 6, 2009

Harrie Carrie

I am seeing big problems. If I am as careful as those I love want me to be , I will get so bored I will commit harri carrie.. Wait wasn’t he the cardinal baseball braodcaster in the 70’s . And he hit a high ball and its going , going going and it gone . Well if you do not hear from me for a while I am going harry carry.. Bite me !


For those not Familiar with Galveston and the wizard. Dave Torkelson has a small periodical called the Galveston wizard. Google it . It is a real shoe string operation with great hopes. I do some writing and photography for the magazine.

Georgetown , Guyana is a city of a million hard working yet laid back people. As with any third world country I first set off for the open markets. It is the real world in many ways. Georgetowns was no exception. Rougher and poorer than any I had seen in Mexico or peru, yet not as primitive as Haiti’s.
It is very easy to strike up a friendly conversation in Guyana and every single person I talked with warned me I was a extra special target walking the streets being a foreigner and having the camera bag. It is not extremely dangerous but I feel they are extremely caring.
The market is fairly safe yet My camera was out of the bag most of the time photographing. I knew each day brought more danger.
It happened this morning . In the crowd at the market someone bumped into me from behind. I slightly felt my right pocket stirring . I hugged my camera bag and he shoved me towards a stand like he was losing his balance but it was really to clean me out . I am left handed so my phone was not in the pocket and he got my cigarettes. I have never been pick pocketed before but now realize it is obvious if you are being aware and a swift knee to the groin is easy since his hands are busy . it’s a learning curve.
I shrugged off the lose of a pack of cigarettes but then noticed the zipper of my camera bag was partially open . Affixed to it was the world famous Galveston wizard Press pass.. Oh my God ! Although it had not got me back on the island after Hurricane Ike, it probably had kept me from getting my butt beaten a few times. I need to get a warning to dave ! What if someone with my press card credentials sent a story to dave at the wizard and dave sent those big bucks to him . I felt lost without my press credentials raped and invaded. I am in a foreign county . What do I do ? Call the Embassy! Hmm, As I promised to my friends I had checked in to the American embassy when I arrived. Well, almost, they did not open till noon so I sampled the 5 year rum. The guards who searched me were totally ok with it and loved all the stuffed and marshmallow peeps they found in my camera bag. However I decided I had lost a lot of credibility with the staff. I have no idea what you can do with a Galveston press pass. I ask my waiter and a lawyer sitting next to me and they were also at a loss. It’s in your hands Dave.

Sunday, April 5, 2009

raggae fest

The Guyana Peace Festival was tonight . Everyone was raving about it and all said they would be there. I have never been in a country in which so much random acts of kindness have been given me. I was a bit nervous about trying to go to the festival alone , especially with all the camera equipment I carry . I invited all the waitress at the hotel restaurant to go. It probably cost 3 or 3 day pay for them to go . One took me up on it and said she would call at 9 pm..hmm thought it started a 6 pm . She said the reggae was at midnight and they played all night. She never showed so I took off on my own . At the gate I was confused so I ask a lady police lady for help .she was great and I

figured out how to get in .. It was an awesome festival with about 2000 people . I left about 3am still able to probably figure out how to catch a cab. As I went out the gate the lady cop waved me over. I was amazed she remember me . She said I was a foreigner and she wanted to make absolutely sure I was safe so she personally called me a cab. There is a lot of crime in this country . Georgetown has a lot of poverty . I am still very fresh here but am amazed at the simple random acts of kindness I have experienced.

Saturday, April 4, 2009

Day 2 in Guyana. Staying at the Regency near the market. It is $50 and a little to stiff atmosphere for me . The sleepy inn is a block away and $40 plus. I am going to continue to stay at the regency until I convert them a bit . The market is quite colorful and poor. There are areas close by which are a bit dangerous to be in especially later in evening or night . I will post some of my market photos.

Thursday, April 2, 2009

The peeps have landed

Lordy Lordy , due to weather I missed my connecting flight out of Atlanta. Indiana jones could not have made it any closer. Big damn airport , yet I knew both of us could have jumped on the plane as it pulled out if they would have opened the door.. They apologized and did a reconnect flight through JFK in New York (wrong way shithead!) . Now there are two things I said I would never do, live in texas and go to NYC. I am now a total liar and sitting in the Trinidad airport because I also missed the flight to Guyana . Seems some lady had to get sick on our flight and the paramedics had to board.. This is the 4th time they have rescheduled my last leg of the flight.
I think I am realizing something different . I usually travel with someone and it can be stressful. You have to worry about them even if they are more capable. Alone it is just a live in the minutes flow. Its like if a tree fall in the woods and there is no one there to hear it , did if fall. It’s just you baby and if you do not enjoy it there is no one else to blame.
Very little sleep and lots of jet lag.. Ventured out till noon.. Awesome.. Galveston times 10 . Maybe more. Staying at a nice place till I make a plan .. Little things in life are every where .

Monday, March 30, 2009


I once spent time in the square of Oaxaca, Mexico . I try to find places off the beaten path yet realized quickly the tourist relaxing in the square were of the same cut as I . They had flown in from around the world and were taking buses and trains and even hitchhiking Mexico. Our conversations were not of fancy drinks , beaches or souvenir shops but of people and life. It was the only place in my life I have ever sat at a table and knew I was going to enjoy the company of the next person.
Why are some drawn so far away from home, not to climb a mountain or swim in coral reefs but to experience life. Are we , the carriers of the capitalistic torch , so in tune with life that the only thing left to experience or conquer is reefs, rivers and mountains?
I have spent a lot of time in back roads of 3rd worlds. I have seen children beg for water and mothers offer their starving child yet I did not learn from that . I only felt guilty . I have given everything in my suitcase and every thing I could part with in my car to these people , yet again I only felt guilty . I then realized a secret . Give them my alpha. They envision us almost as gods. We have everything and surely lack nothing , yet when you peel an apple for grandpa or play jacks with rocks with the children they begin seeing the common ground. If you can then give them alpha and they accept letting your sorry ass in the building you will start to see magic.
The safer we are and the more we have, the more we live in the future instead of the moment . The United States is a country which lives in the future sense. We give up here and now for what we expect to have in the future. Those with nothing and empty bellies do not have this luxury and live in the moment.. There is nothing more magical than living in the moment .. A very simple example is tell someone they had a very pretty dress on last week at dinner and they will feel warmth . Tell them they have a very pretty dress on and their soul will purrr. The moment is the art of life . The past and future tense is a description of it .
I am leaving for Guyana in a few days. I chose it because it was the lowest standard of living country which spoke English. My suitcase is packed with photography equipment and mother Peep and 10 boxes of pink and yellow marshmallow peeps. Using peeps in photography is like walking a beach with a cute puppy . It disarms.
Stay tuned , I would enjoy sharing this experience with you . Travel Directory